The Good Shepherd is here amidst His people. He comes to us through simple means because He desires to commune with us and give us His good gifts. He speaks to us through His Word. He caresses us with the soft waters of Baptism. He comes into our presence through the Lord's Supper to give forgiveness. 

What is "liturgy"?  We worship in the Church's ancient pattern of Word and Sacrament. The Lord speaks and we respond in prayer and praise. We follow the liturgy of the Western catholic church as developed by Lutherans over the centuries. You'll find these liturgies in the hymnal in our pews, Lutheran Service Book. You'll also find the liturgy and hymns projected on screens to the sides of the altar. 

What about my kids?  Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto me." We love kids at Grace. They are always welcome in Divine Service. They learn a lot by being there every Sunday, like how to pray (the Lord's Prayer), how to confess the faith (the Creed). You might be surprised how much they hear, understand, and respond. Don't worry if your kids are noisy. Kids are squirmy and distracted. We know that. Sit near the front so they can see what is going on. 

Where do I park?  There is a parking lot imediately behind Grace. There is parking on the street all around Grace. 

What do I wear?  Come as you are. No one will judge you for how you choose to dress. We believe that we are coming into the presence of our King. Let that guide your own choices. 

How can I get connected?  Don't be shy. Come early. Respond to folks who say hi. Have some coffee. Stay a while. Get involved. Come to our fellowship dinners. Roll up your sleeves afterward and wash some dishes. The saints at Grace will embrace you and make you feel welcome. This is a church full of grandmas and grandpas, you will be loved if you let yourself be loved. 

May I come to Holy Communion? We practice the ancient Church's practice of closed communion. This means we do not comune those who are not under the spiritual care of this congregation, or a congregation we are in fellowship with. We do this out of desire not to harm someone who unknowingly might commune unworthily (1 Corinthians 11:27-30). Please contact or talk to our pastor before service if you are visiting and desire to commune. 

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