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Grace and peace be yours through Jesus Christ our soon coming King,

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Him, having given us life and salvation through faith in His name, and made us brothers and sisters of one another through Holy Baptism. 

I thank my God constantly for you. Three years have come and gone quickly filled with joy and sorrow, weddings and funerals, baptisms and confirmations. I have learned and grown, and I pray that you have also. Most of all our God and Father has blessed me through you and provided much support, healing, and solace through you. I am both renewed an invigorated by your kindness and compassion toward me and my family. It has been a blessing, as has the opportunity to attend the Doxology program in the United States. That has given me much knowledge and understanding that will serve me and the larger church well in my new position. It has been my pleasure to serve you the last three years. It is my sorrow to leave you as I take on my new position as the Central Regional Pastor (the equivalent of the old “District President”) in the new year. I will be remaining in Regina, but operating out of a home office as of the new year. 

So, along with a fond farewell, it is appropriate to offer many thanks:

    • Thank you to the Board of Elders for their constant support and encouragement. Your faithfulness to God’s Word and concern for your pastor and congregation have revitalized me in more ways than you will know. 
    • Thank you to the Council for keeping things going and for your general light heartedness in the midst of serious matters. 
    • Thank you to the LWML for all the lunches they provided and the many opportunities to study and grow together in our understanding of God’s Word. 
    • Thank you to the Golden Fellowship for your amiableness, & interest in God’s Word & each other. 
    • Thank you to Evangelism and Outreach committee for your tireless hours feeding the needy children of Arcola School and clothing many in our neighbourhood and city. 
    • Thank you to our tireless office administrator who juggles so many thing and keeps so many “plates up in the air” to keep our boat afloat. 
    • Thank you to the Bible Study attendees who have shown keen interest in the Holy Scriptures and studied them diligently with me. 
    • Thank you to the elders/communion assistants who have helped distribute our Lord’s body and blood so that we might taste and see that the Lord is good. 
    • Thank you to the ushering teams who have rung the bell to call our attention to the Lord, and kept god-pleasing order that things might be done decently and in good order. 
    • Thank you to our one woman altar guild (and those who have assisted her from time to time) for keeping our Lord’s sanctuary beautiful, clean, and the bread and wine for the heavenly banquet in good supply. 
    • To our head musician who helps coordinate hymns and hymn players, as well as the others who play and keep us singing and chanting to the glory of God and praise of His name. 
    • To the ladies (and men) who have so diligently and often served your brothers in sisters in need by serving at the funeral luncheons, your compassion is a balm of healing. 
    • To all those who have prayed and encouraged me with your kind words and ways.
    • To our caretaker who empties trash, cleans windows, sweeps the walk, and mows the lawn and so many other tasks that may go without notice but keep us safe and tidy.
    • To the Trustees and others who keep the facility in working order, repair pulpits, fix the sound system, and many other things we don’t even know to thank you for. 
    • To those who help decorate our narthex and trees at Christmastime increasing our joy at our Lord’s taking on our flesh to be our saviour. 
    • Thank you to the many, many people both known and unknown who contribute in large and small ways to this community of faith we call Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church. 
    • And lastly, thank you to all of you, for your faith which lifts one another when we gather together to receive God’s means of salvation, for your support of the ministry of this congregation, and for your compassion toward myself and my family. It has been an honour and privilege. 


Your pastor,

Rev. David Haberstock

P.S. Please join us for our Christmas Eve Candle light service with New Beginnings (the last joint service before their new pastor arrives in the new year) at 5pm, and for Christmas Day Divine Service with Holy Communion at 10am. 

P.P.S. Also, since, Christmas Day will be my last service, the elders have arranged for a farewell service on January 20th, at 9:30am.