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In celebration of our Lord’s victory over sin and death, and in thankfulness for His new Testament in His blood this Easter season we offer that New Testament to you every Sunday. That means we’ll celebrate the Lord’s Supper for all 7 of the 7 Sundays of Easter.  (April 16-May 28)

For those of you who are not able to make it every Sunday, this will improve your chances of receiving the Lord’s covenant in His blood for the forgiveness of your sins. For those of you who are here every Sunday, may this practice increase your joy as you receive more and more of Jesus. If you are not comfortable with receiving Jesus’ body and blood every Sunday, there is no requirement that you do so. It is not sinful to not commune and no one will judge you if you choose to not partake of it some Sundays. The Church has—for most of her 2000 year history—offered this wondrous meal every Sunday for those who desire it. Many of you have been taught that you should examine yourself before you go to the Sacrament. That is a good and godly practice, and it is precisely why Luther drew up the “Christian Questions and their Answers”—the same questions we’ve been using throughout the season of Lent. If you are unsure about communing any given Sunday, give those questions a read-through before service each week and decide according to your own conscience. They are found on page 329 in Lutheran Service Book