We used to called it "confirmation". What is this "Catechism class"?

"Confirmation" is the public rite by which a person publically confirms the faith granted to them in Holy Baptism. The learning leading to that is called catechesis. This is a method of learning where a teach asks questions, and the students learn to echo the answers. (It's how Jesus taught the disciples.) The classes one may take are called catechism classes. 

Who is it for?

Depending upon the maturity of the student this instruction may begin anywhere between 8 years old to 14 years old. "Confirmation" is not about getting your kid "done", nor about getting in good with God. It is about growing in faith which trusts in Jesus Christ. We will seek to indoctrinate your child with what Jesus has said and done. We pray that God grants your child faith through this, or strengthens your child's faith in Jesus. 

What do you study?

Luther's Small Catechism - about 30 lessons on this

The Bible

-about 30 lessons on the Old Testament

-about 30 on the New Testament

Apologetics: giving a rational defense of the Christian faith from common attacks on it

-about 20 lessons


For questions about Confirmation or to enroll your son or daughter, contact Pastor Haberstock: (306) 522-7621.