It is the Church's vocation (calling) to pray for the World and Herself. 

Daily Prayer

Christ our Lord taught us to pray for all that we need in body and life in the prayer He taught us. (Mt. 6:9-13) Therefore, it is the heart of daily prayer. The Lutheran Reformation was driven by prayer and gave rise to increased prayer by every member of the Church. To that aim we provide a prayerful devotional (available in our narthex) called Portals of Prayer to help you in your prayer life. Our pastor also daily prays for the world and our congregation by chanting the Church's Litany, and Prayer Offices. 

The Weekly Litany & Prayer of the Church

On Wednesdays before Bible Study (around 9:45am) Pastor chants the Litany along with those who are there. All are welcome to join. We also pray this ancient prayer of the Church in Divine Service during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Every week in Divine Service the Prayers of the Church intercede on behalf of the world, the suffering, and the sick. During Pastor's weekly visitation of the hospitals he notes those in need of special prayers. If you have a need you wish lifted before the Lord in the Church's prayer, please contact the office

Prayer Chain

If you are in special need of prayer but do not wish it to be public our prayer chain will lift your need before the Lord confidentially. Contact the office to have your need included by the prayer chain.